Beyond the Lab works to foster communities of knowledge and practice that go beyond the lab to uplift systematically excluded voices and to democratize environmental expertise.

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A Field Guide to Climate Change

by Danny Cooper This summer I’ve developed the My Climate Story: Beyond Humans project using iNaturalist. I’ve been in tune with my surroundings and honed my skills at noticing the species around me. My iNaturalist account has accumulated over 150 observations and countless friends and family members have sent me species they’ve seen. I’m incrediblyContinue reading “A Field Guide to Climate Change”

How To Tell a Climate Story

By Connor Hardy It can be difficult to talk about the climate crisis. It’s not comfortable to sit with the fact that by 2100, NASA predicts that sea level will rise by anywhere between 1 and 8 feet. It’s not pleasant to read about the growing number of endangered species, or about natural and human-madeContinue reading “How To Tell a Climate Story”


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